Friction Pool – Serious Android 4 Problem

October 24, 2012

Serious problem with Friction Pool on Android 4. I actually saw this problem before first release, in Chrome for Android. At that time, Chrome for Android was in Beta, so I didn’t worry too much about it. However, I now see the problem in Android 4.0’s stock browser.


Friction Pool 0.13

October 1, 2012

Being a cue sports addict and a Javascript specialist, building a pool game was always on my mental ‘to do’ list. With the advent of ‘HTML5′, I decided to see whether I could create a decent pool game comparable to a native app in terms of quality and playability.


Single keystroke commenting/uncommenting in vim

November 6, 2010

A substantial amount of debugging time is spent commenting and uncommenting lines of code. The following vim code has greatly increased my efifiency in debugging by allowing me to comment or uncomment a line of code with a single keystroke – f2 to comment and f3 to uncomment.


vim tabs

October 28, 2010
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I recently discovered that vim has tabs built in as of version 7. Although there are already a couple of ways to edit several files at one, tabs save me quite a few keystrokes over moving between split windows or ‘Ctrl-z/fg’-ing in the shell. They also allow me to see at a glance all of […]


Detecting Keystrokes On The Console With Java

July 20, 2010

I was well into writing a console application in Java, when I discovered one of its limitations – it’s not possible to detect keypresses directly in Java if you’re not using a GUI in your program. You can read from stdin alright, but you get a whole line of input, as Java won’t give you […]


HTTP Streaming With PHP

January 10, 2010

Introduction This article outlines the technique of HTTP Streaming with PHP, which I first used in AWC Blackjack (version 0.9 at time of writing). The game was partly proof-of-concept work at the time, back in 2005 – to see if a real-time multi-player game could be implemented with only open technologies found in any modern […]


Bash ini File Parser

January 5, 2010
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A bash ini file parser.


Rotating Images: Fun with the canvas

August 29, 2009

A javascript image rotater.